Keyan Rafiee is a co-founder and developer at Viva Technics, an internet start-up in San Francisco. Prior to that, he has been developing graphene nanocomposites for lightweight structures, polymer gas separation membranes for natural gas purification, and cement-based porous filters for crude oil and water separation. He has also worked on intelligent signal processing. He received the 2010 Robert L. Lichten Award from the American Helicopter Society International. He is the co-author of 22 scientific articles and a book chapter published in journals such as Advanced Materials, Small, ACS Nano, Advanced Functional Materials, and Applied Physics Letters.
Kayvan Rafiee is also a co-founder and developer at Viva Technics. Prior to that, he has been developing algorithms for gearbox fault classification and intelligent prosthetic hand's control. He also worked graphene physical chemistry for hydrogen storage applications. As a result of team work, he received the 2010 Lemelson-MIT Rensselaer Student Prize. He has been listed as a co-author in 21 articles published in journals such as Nature Materials, Advanced Materials, Small, and ACS Nano. He also serves as a reviewer for over 30 scientific journals such as Energy and Environmental Science, New Journal of Physics, Journal of Materials Chemistry, Neurocomputing, Applied Mathematical Modelling, Computers in Medicine and Biology, and Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing.

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